Picture of the Titan DX


8 Band Multiband DX Antenna


    • Bands        
      • 10m 12m 15m 17m 20m 30m 40m and 100 KHz on 80m
    • Bandwidth -- Under 2:1        
      • Entire band on 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m
      • 100KHz on 80m
    • Height -- 25 ft
    • Weight -- 25 lbs
    • Mount : All hardware supplied except the 1-1/4" O.D. steel         mast
    • Counterpoise : 4 rigid counterpoises 80" long each
    • Ground Area Required : None


Your latest requests have been for an antenna that's easy to setup, needs     no radials, covers 10m-80m in addition to all the WARC bands and uses the     same GAP technology found in our other products. In response to these     requests GAP is proud to announce the newest addition to the family, the     Titan.

The Titan is a center fed GAP vertical, that provides a host of benefits     in a rugged, yet manageable form. The Titan offers broad, continuous     frequency coverage in a no tune, easy to assemble format. Designed to work     in a limited space or as the perfect compliment to an antenna farm.

One of the primary virtues of the Titan is the GAP center feed. By     elevating the feed the earth loss is dramatically decreased, which means the     RF is going out to make the contact instead of into the ground to warm the     earth. Reducing the earth loss eliminates the need for a radial system. The     Titan requires NO RADIALS.

Another key benefit the Titan provides is the ability to go virtually     anywhere in the HF amateur spectrum, at anytime without having to make any     adjustments. The Titan is the ONLY antenna marketed with total continuous     coverage under 2:1 on 10m 12m 15m 17m 20m 30m 40m and 100 KHz on 80m.     Titan's broad bandwidth and no tune feature make it an ideal antenna for     getting those multipliers during contests or switching frequencies as band     conditions change.

The Titan is a respectable 25' tall and weighs a solid 25 pounds. The     Titan is configured to mount easily on a 1-1/4" O.D. mast. This mast can be a     length of your choosing and since the feedpoint is elevated this mast can be     as short as a foot.

The first 8' of the antenna is comprised of double wall tubing and where     the Titan mounts to the mast the antenna is triple wall! Which means guys     are not a necessity.

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